This is the beginning of my journey, one I feel I'm destined to go far in. I'm determined I will, it's something I don't feel I can give up. It's writing. With every person that clicks on this page, every person who reads my work, every person that becomes a follower and every person that gladly comments, I thank you. Because you are making me a better writer every time.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Magpie 25

This is a picture prompt from Magpie Tales

Yes, it's rusty and I know there's a crack here and there.

It's been touched and used and also loved.

I know that my heart may be old but you will always have the key to it.


  1. Excellent - you have captured the treasure that an old heart is.

  2. So simply said ... and so beautifully simple.

  3. Lovely, short straight and to the wonderful point. :)

  4. Oh wow...this is beautiful, moving and so profound. Your interpretation is simply wonderful.

  5. this is wonderful! Lovely take on the photo prompt