This is the beginning of my journey, one I feel I'm destined to go far in. I'm determined I will, it's something I don't feel I can give up. It's writing. With every person that clicks on this page, every person who reads my work, every person that becomes a follower and every person that gladly comments, I thank you. Because you are making me a better writer every time.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Big, fake Smiles

Mrs Ribbon knocked on her neighbors door and heard a dog barking almost immediately.
"Charlie, go away!" she heard someone call. She heard the slamming of doors and then put on a big, fake smile to hide her concern when Mrs Timothy opened the door.
"Eleanor," she said when she saw Mrs Ribbon, "How are you?"
"I'm quite fine," Mrs Ribbon said, "and yourself?"
"Yes, yes, I'm good," there was something about Mrs Timothy's voice that said she was in a rush so Mrs Ribbon hurried to what she had come over to say. However, just as she was about to speak a voice from inside screamed.
"Mum! Eloise kicked me!"
"I did not!"
Clearly embarrassed Mrs Timothy turned away, signaling with her finger to Mrs Ribbon she would only be a second. She stepped into the hall and saw two of her children fighting on the staircase.
"The two of you!" she said, cross, "Grow up!"
But one of them screamed, "He pushed me into a wall and almost broke that expensive frame!"
"I did not! It was you that hid my pencils in the fridge! She almost blew it up!" the other one fought back. Her eldest daughter then came down the stairs, eating a chocolate bar.
"Hey!" the youngest child whined, "You said I couldn't have a chocolate!" Mrs Timothy sighed.
"Whatever, whatever! I'm trying to talk to Mrs Ribbon, be quiet!" She stepped back out the door and they both put on big, fake smiles to both hide their concern.


  1. This reminded me of my two girls, always fighting!
    Well done! :)

  2. honest!
    feel better after this, hopefully!


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