This is the beginning of my journey, one I feel I'm destined to go far in. I'm determined I will, it's something I don't feel I can give up. It's writing. With every person that clicks on this page, every person who reads my work, every person that becomes a follower and every person that gladly comments, I thank you. Because you are making me a better writer every time.

Monday, July 12, 2010


I'm worried about death,
about what will happen,
when my time is up,
when i must go to heaven

is there such a thing?
either way it scares me,
because after my time is up,
what will be of me?

people believe things,
and some choose to not,
but if i don't believe,
do i even get a shot?

if i've been bad,
will they know of my sins?
if i don't believe in heaven,
will they not let me in?

i guess im just scared,
because it is unknown,
but right now im safe,
in my home

or am i?

if right this second,
i was to go,
would i see god?
well, no one really knows

either way for now,
i've chosen not to fear,
everyone will one day know,
even if 'one day' is not near

Is there a heaven? Well, I don't know. Where do we go? I don't know. Who will we be, or what for that matter? Again, I don't know. I think that is what scares everyone in life. The unknown can be exciting but usually mostly scary. We don't know what will happen and we don't know what we'll be. But it's all about what you believe. I'm still very young and I've been brought up in a more spiritual than religious family. So nothing is set out for me to believe. I don't know what to believe, but I suppose in life I will decide. And one day everyone on this earth will answer those questions. Even if they already think they know...I wish you all long and happy and healthy lives before then. Before the day those questions are answered for us...


  1. Great questions...wish I had the answers. I like your blog, nice writing :)

  2. everyone has sins,
    u r good...
    feel good and smiles!

  3. Your poem is well-written, and the question is profound. My conviction is that yes, there is a heaven, but no, not everyone goes there. Try going to a bookstore and getting a Bible in any modern version, such as New International Version or New Living Translation. Read through the part called Gospel of John. Read it several times. God may show you the answer to your question.