This is the beginning of my journey, one I feel I'm destined to go far in. I'm determined I will, it's something I don't feel I can give up. It's writing. With every person that clicks on this page, every person who reads my work, every person that becomes a follower and every person that gladly comments, I thank you. Because you are making me a better writer every time.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


her name was Tiffy,
she was my cat,
but Tiffy died,
killed by a baseball bat

i know her killers,
i know them well,
i've told almost everyone,
theres no one else to tell

she went wandering,
but she didn't return,
when i found her dead,
my heart started to burn

i hate them,
the ones that killed her,
they have no hearts,
those horrible killers

it was those boys,
that lived down the street,
but no one listened,
i went down in defeat

but those boys,
that killed my cat,
will get their justice,
with my baseball bat

i'll get my revenge,
a plan I shall make,
to get those boys
for my poor Tiffy's sake

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