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Friday, August 26, 2011

Magpie 79

Just hours before their brutal death, they left in the black car, smiling like it was the happiest day of their life. But I guess it was-if you minus the murders 8 o'clock onwards that night. With Mary in the front, and Candice and Matthew in the back, they drove away with smiles ear to ear. Mary's timid smile, only just revealing her two rows of perfect teeth still seemed to reduce her mother to tears. Tears of happiness for her children, but also tears of pain to see them finally leave. Mary's younger and more confident sister Candice who laughed and waved to the people that waved them goodbye was elated just like her sister to be starting this new adventure. Matthew also smiled, peering over his sister, Candice's shoulder. It was his idea for this adventure.

"We'll drive right along the beach, just like you always wanted. We can swim and run from the waves. It will be great," he could remember promising Mary one morning at breakfast.
"I expect it will be far too cold for swimming!" she had said, frowning. Then Candice, the chirpy personality she was in the morning came skipping down the stairs.
"It sounds like a surely swell idea, Matthew. But how on earth shall we get around?"
"Did you not hear? I almost have enough money for my car. We can finally go on our adventure, further than the front garden. We'll go right up to Bounty Hills, mabey you will end up seeing your old friend Kathy," Matthew had tried to persuade.
"Mother will never allow us," Mary had said, glancing up from her cereal. Sighing, Matthew turned back to Candice, " think it's a good idea, right?"
"I certainly do. Seeing Kathy will be great."
"Hold that smile, Candy!" he instructed. She went along with it, the goodnatured person she was. Matthew gestured towards Candice.
"You wouldn't want to destroy that lovely happiness, would you?" Candice saw what Matthew was trying to do and played along once again, beginning a fake weep. Mary held back a smile, "I'm only worried about your driving. Well not really, but mother is. You said you plan this trip in a month, correct? To leave when the weather is just right, correct?" Matthew nodded.
"Well," Mary continued, "that's too soon. Mother will not think your driving is quite right. But really, I'd love to go. Let me drive away and get us started. I want us off to a good start. Oh, and we're going to the hills first. I want to remember the beach more!" Candice shrugged, closed with a smile and Matthew jumped up with joy, simply glad at the final acceptance.

And then it was just one month later, they found themselves driving away from Kendal Square. Smiles on each of their faces-Mary's nervous but also excited smile. Candice's same, happy smile as that breakfast one month ago and Matthew's smile that reveals less than it really means. But not one of those smiles on those faces, was ready for their terrible fate, the very first night of their adventure.

This is my response to Magpie Tales, prompt 79 :)

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