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Friday, September 10, 2010

Magpie 31

Magpie Writing Prompt

Continuing on from Magpie 29...

It was in the distance from the cottage that the day would see the last of the sun. With the darkness flooding the sky the occupants of the hidden little cottage turned on their lights. She sat in an old fashioned chair that was more comfy than the rugged old look of it gave credit. And he, who had that day travelled to markets two hours away sat in the other sipping on iced tea and resting his tired eyes. It was quiet, silent almost. Except for the sound of her turning the pages on her book and him sipping his iced tea every once and a while. So it was no surprise they were both startled when the sound of tyres on the pebble road outside occurred. Both jumping from their chairs they stared out the window at a flash black car that slowly neared their cottage. Swearing he turned for the bedroom and she worriedly stared hard at the unexpected guests.
"Grab your stuff," he said as she continued to watch the car cruise closer.
"Slow down a minute, we don't have to run," she said as she too turned for the bedroom.
"Please, there's no time for this. We knew this day would come," he said as he quickly and stressfully reached for the backpack in the bare bedroom.
"I just didn't expect it to be this close," she said as she rummaged through an old chest of drawers, "we don't have to run." She pulled out long sheet-like clothes and draped them over herself, "atleast not yet!" He stared at her, confused.
"Christ woman! What are you doing? Grab your things, they will be knocking on the door any second. Then after that they won't be knocking." Rummaging through the drawers again without a word much to her husband's disbelief she pulled out some more clothes and covered herself up until very little of her was visible.
"What are you doing?" he asked as she covered herself.
"Planning a sensible escape plan," she replied.

She exited the front door of the cottage as he left through the back. She pretended to look shocked at the men's presence which wasn't hard from their black suits and stern expressions. They wore dark shades just like spies in movies, the only exception: this wasn't a movie, this was real life.
"Gentlemen," she said in a higher pitch than her own as she neared her car and they walked towards her, "I'm in quite a hurry, but may I help you?" She opened the door to her car and put the key in the ignition.
"We are looking for April and Jeremy Egnezi," the taller and balder one said as he held out two photographs, "do you recognise these two people?" She examined the two photographs before shaking her head and replying, "no, sorry." She slipped into the car and turned the key.
"I'm terribly sorry but I really must be going," she said, "was that all?" The first man turned to face the other and nodded.
"Thankyou for your co-operation m'am," he said. She nodded and closed the door as they turned to their car. She took a moment to slow back down her racing heart and drove the car away from the old pink cottage in her disguise.

It was almost an hour later when she arrived back at the cottage. By then it was already very dark but the light in the cottage was on. She pulled off her clothes and ran to hug her husband who stood just inside.
"I'm so proud of you!" he said, "We'll leave first thing in the morning."
She nodded and squeezed him tighter, feeling great to be back in his arms.
"I love you April," he whispered.


  1. Great continuation. I'm glad they escaped-she had a great plan.

  2. whew....what next? Great story and clever escape.

  3. whew you pulled us right along and ratcheted up the intensity...cant wait to see what is next...nice mag!

  4. What was the disguise? I have 2 know. Tell me pleeeeease.

  5. Excellent! Terrific writing! kathi harris: I am taking it that she brilliantly disguised herself as a nun.

  6. I just hope this is a Magpie serial! Want to know what happens next!

  7. Oh, der... just click on the archive.

    Sorry... brain-dead moment.